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Preload window

I have a tabgroup based app with a very large tableview on the second tab. When I click the second tab, that view is white for a second or two before showing the tableview.

Is there anyway I could load window2 on tab2 while being on window1 on tab1?

— asked August 9th 2010 by Sindre Sorhus
  • preload
  • tab
  • tabgroup
  • tableview
  • window

4 Answers

  • I have a similar issue, and would be interested if anyone has a solution. Bumping.

    — answered August 10th 2010 by Mike Dosey
  • Can you paste the codes ., it will be helpful for us to detect what is actually going on inside…

    — answered August 13th 2010 by Satta Ravi
  • I'm not aware of a way to preload windows in tabs - what you can do is display some feedback to the user that the table is being populated. If you're doing a remote service request to populate the table, you can display a spinner/indicator of some kind. You might also consider doing a setData twice on the table. Do one setData with a single row that says "Loading…" or something similar, and then replace the table view with real data when it is ready.

    — answered August 13th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
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    • Is the preload:true on windows in a tabGroup ever going to work? Or is this something that devs shouldn't anticipate ever being possible with Titanium?

      — commented October 4th 2010 by Ben Hornedo
  • check this


    if this is not u r looking for then provide some more details..

    — answered August 13th 2010 by Varun Atluri
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