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Performance Window Transitions when using Navigation Group

Our application uses the iPhone Navigation Group control, and the window transitions are not as smooth as we have seen in other iPhone applications. In our application, the window is sliding in before it has been rendered, and the user is able to see the window finish rendering in place. This is not as polished as we would like, but I wonder if this is simply a limitation of the way Titanium works. We are opening windows with the "url" parameter, so a new JavaScript context is created each time (and all the required libraries need to be reloaded as well).

Any suggestions on how this might be improved?

— asked August 9th 2010 by John Lorance
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2 Answers

  • Anyone have any info on this? I'm wondering the same thing, as it's definitely one of those things that makes the app seem less-than-native. Also I notice that it doesn't occur in the simulator, only on the device (I assume because the PC is so much faster at creating the window).

    — answered June 3rd 2011 by Bill Labus
  • What is slow? the transition or populating the window?
    Includes are slow, even is not an official fact, I can tell you that includes are slowing down the load of a window/app. Try to defer the stuff you don't need in the UI construction as much as possible.

    Another way would be to make all one_file_app, but it's painful to maintain :)

    — answered June 3rd 2011 by Dan Tamas
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