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Titanium.Database is not initialized

Why is not initialized Titanium.Database object. I have this error message in log:

E/Web Console(  321): TypeError: Result of expression 'Titanium.Database' [undefined]
 is not an object. at file:///android_asset/Resources/html5demos/index.html:67

code in index.html that causes exception:

var db = Titanium.Database.open('session_db');

Who have successfuly worked with Titanium.Database object?

— asked August 11th 2010 by Eugene Taranov
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1 Answer

  • It looks to me that you are doing this in a html file, am I wright?

    Since V1.x, titanium does not work anymore with html code.

    — answered August 11th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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