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Is this possible: Tab group placed within a window?

I'm experimenting with some UI workarounds and I'm trying to place a tab group within a window or a view that is a cropped a little.

What I'm hoping to do is put two views side by side, with a tab group inside one view and a custom tab navigator in the other.


— asked August 11th 2010 by Alexander Stone
  • layout
  • tabgroup
  • ui
  • view
  • window

3 Answers

  • I'm pretty sure you can't to that with a native tabgroup.

    But you could code something identical using some views/windows which does what you want.

    I've been thinking about making a custom tabGroup-like set of things, so that I can make apps for iPhone and Android which look identical and do things like rotate the icons in the tabs when orientation is changed to landscape rather than stretch across the bottom.

    — answered August 12th 2010 by Kosso
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    • Well, the thing I'm concerned with is being able to get the drilldown action on the windows. Maybe I can use two windows, using custom navigation in one window to control another.

      — commented August 12th 2010 by Alexander Stone
  • To my knowledge you can't have a tab group inside a window - you would do a custom tab control that would hide/show views. Also, you can get the drilldown action on windows for free if you use the navigation group control.

    — answered August 12th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
    • Navigation control group? I don't see any documentation for that, anywhere or anything that looks like navgroup control in the KitchenSink. Care to point me in the right direction?

      — commented August 14th 2010 by Alexander Stone
    • Nevermind. Found it. Looks to be iOS-only. Not fun for my Android app :(

      — commented August 14th 2010 by Alexander Stone
  • Kevin , you are right, The tabGroup needs to be the root controller, you cannot use it as a subview.

    — answered August 12th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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