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my first iPad app approved by Apple

I've decided I like Titanium, even with all the documentation challenges.

I just got my first-ever iPad app built and running and passed by Apple on the first try (a 6 day nail-biting wait where I was SURE they'd complain about something), and it's gone on sale in the App store.

It's called the RadioBook, and it's the kind of thing that could only exist because the iPad. It's a kind of ebook… made from an original 60-year-old radio drama script, where the radio sounds and music are built into the script as you read it. (as is the actual vintage recording of the "Suspense" show from the script)


Titanium made it quick to prototype the whole thing and prove the idea was viable. I never imagined how much time I'd spend fine-tuning it from there, but thanks especially to this Q&A forum I was able to find answers whenever I got stuck.

–Larry Groebe

— asked August 11th 2010 by Larry Groebe
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5 Answers

  • wow, looks awesome! I'll buy it and test it as soon as i get my ipad back.

    One question if you dont mind answering, how did you do the page turning effect on the first screenshot?

    — answered August 11th 2010 by Sj Singh
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    • The page turn itself is a transition between views using the Ti.UI.iPhone.AnimationStyle.CURL_UP transition type.

      That I got it pictured in the screenshot was good timing on my part, using Apple's iPad simulator and OS-X's screen-capture utility.


      — commented August 11th 2010 by Larry Groebe
  • I think it's the CURL_UP standard transition.


    — answered August 11th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • Well done !

    Is every page a new soundfile ? Or how did you handle that ?


    — answered August 11th 2010 by Johan Pyfferoen
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    • It's all one audio file, and I use Titanium's setTime function which works really well. (slightly surprised that it worked with MP3 files, but it did.)

      I built an array of startimes, and I call
      just before playing the file.


      — commented August 11th 2010 by Larry Groebe
  • Hi, this looks great, i was wondering how you handled the text layout for each page, I am completely new to titanium, is there a good example in the kitchen sink?

    — answered December 23rd 2010 by ryan m
  • Congrats! Looks great! Care to share some coding tips with everyone in the forums? I'm sure it'll be great for all of us.

    Good luck with the sales!

    — answered December 23rd 2010 by daniyal hamid
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