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tabGroup bug?

Hi. I didn't find any way to solve this problem:
If you rearrange tabs in tabGroup (More->Edit) and restart the app, all tabs will be restored in initial order. There is no way to save the order. This function is useless.
If you open YouTube app and rearrange tabs and reopen it, all tabs will be in order set by user

— asked March 22nd 2010 by Vitali Virulaine
  • tabgroup
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  • Did anyone figure this out? I am facing the same problem.

    — commented June 16th 2010 by Chris Guthrie

3 Answers

  • Your code determines the order of tabs in the tabGroup, so unless your code assembles the tabs in the order the user last arranged, it will always go back to your code-determined default.

    In other words, you need to save state (tab order) as a user preference so that you can restore it each time.

    — answered December 26th 2010 by Ted Haeger
  • I understand the theory behind the save state, but does anybody know how to fire an event when the tabgroup is edited? I would assume this would be the best spot to save the state of the tabgroup.

    I'm wondering if close is fired when the app is terminated or if the tabgroup has to be manually closed in the app to fire the event. If it is closed when the app is terminated then this would probably be the best place to save the state.

    Right now I'm just thinking through the process as I haven't put any code to paper yet, just trying to stay ahead of myself and stumbled across this thread.

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