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Problem Ti mobile 1.1: In case of http redirect - wrong / truncated user-agent sended...


in case of a http redirect (location) the sended http user-agent will be truncated and not the same then before…

This could lead to authentication problems on some websites or webservices….

Problem should be fixed in ASIHTTPRequest.m -> Line 1508

— asked March 22nd 2010 by Marc Bender
  • http
  • iphone
  • mobile
  • request
  • user-agent

2 Answers

  • Also there is a problem, cause Titanium always send the http header: Connection: close

    sometimes I would need to "Connection: keep-alive" but now way….

    — answered March 22nd 2010 by Marc Bender
  • I see that this thread is old, but there's also a redirect problem for the request method. If you do a POST to a service and get a 301, the redirect-request will also be a POST, even though it's actually now a GET request. This becomes a problem when working with RESTful services.

    — answered May 15th 2012 by Chris Leuenberger
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