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OAUTH by David Riccitelli

Having problems getting Riccitelli's OAUTH working on iOS4/1.4. Anyone get it to work? here's what I'm getting:

WARN] Exception in event callback. {
expressionBeginOffset = 1832;
expressionCaretOffset = 1841;
expressionEndOffset = 1841;
line = 61;
message = "Can't find variable: PinFinder";
name = ReferenceError;
sourceId = 260617152;
sourceURL = "file://localhost/Users/HD/Desktop/Twit/Resources/pages/share.js";


— asked August 13th 2010 by Mark Smillie
  • oauth

1 Answer

  • For anyone getting this error, you don't have the correct version of the OAuth Adapter. Make sure the one you have has the "pPinFinder" parameter in the "showAuthorizeUI" function.

    — answered September 8th 2011 by San Pathak
    • Can you provide the corect link with the corect oauth_adapter.js ? I haven't founded on the internet.

      — commented March 28th 2012 by Ionut Pisla
    • i've founded here [http://oauth-adapter.googlecode.com/svn-history/r4/trunk/oauth_adapter.js]

      — commented March 28th 2012 by Ionut Pisla
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