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Kitchensink not configured to run on iPhone?

Hey there!

I just got the latest commit from github, including the Kitchensink example.

I can import it as a new project but I can't run it (neither in the simulator nor on the device).

The emulator tab is empty, the 'run on device' and 'distribute' tabs state: This project is not configured to run for iPhone.

The Kitchensink-iPad example from the commit runs just fine.

Yet again something broken in the latest commit or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help,

  • Dominik
— asked August 14th 2010 by Dominik Hahn
  • 1.4.1
  • example
  • ios4
  • kitchensink

1 Answer

  • I would try to create a blank project and copying the contents from the kitchensink resources folder. that worked for me.

    — answered August 14th 2010 by Pedro Sousa
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