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iPhone Private api use fix in 1.1 - do I need to do anything but recomplie?

I just got the same rejection from Apple that was mentioned here:


Sounds great that this fix will be included in 1.1. Just one question:

After 1.1 is released, and I upgrade to it, will I have to do anything special other than recompile with 1.1? Put another way, will I have to select this change anywhere or will it just be part of the behind the scenes work 1.1 does?



— asked March 22nd 2010 by Steve Perlow
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2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    After the upgrade go to the "Edit" tab in Ti Developer. Choose 1.1 as the Titanium SDK and rebuild your app. That's it, no code changes are necessary for the ICU lib fix.

    — answered March 22nd 2010 by Alan McConnell
  • Perfect.

    Thanks for the quick answer here, and great that the issue in general was addressed so quickly.

    — answered March 22nd 2010 by Steve Perlow
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