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createTableViewSection vs createTableViewRow

I can't quite understand the difference, especially in usage, between a TableViewSection and a TableViewRow.

If I wanted a TableView to have multiple rows (we'll call these "top-level" rows "A") that, in themselves, each have multiple rows where the first row may be just a 1-line text string, while the 2nd row may be a row of graphical icons - but the whole top-level row "A" is selectable by the user - how would this be implemented?

— asked August 15th 2010 by Takahito Torimoto
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  • tableviewrow
  • tableviewsection

1 Answer

  • The best way to the difference between sections and rows, is to go to the Settings on your iphone. You will see 4 sections, each one with a number of rows.
    So the sections are visible only on grouped type table, for a normal table, like the one in contacts there is only one section.

    Every table will have at least one section( no matter what it's type is) that will contain a number of rows.

    About your request I think here is what you need:

    — answered August 15th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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