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<video> tag not working in webView

I'm trying to embed Vimeo videos in a webView with the following code:
&lt;video src=&#39;http:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.vimeo.com&#x2F;play_redirect?clip_id=11626682&amp;quality=sd&amp;codecs=H264&#39; width=&#39;290&#39; height=&#39;218&#39; controls=&#39;controls&#39;&gt;&lt;&#x2F;video&gt;.

This code is working fine in Safari, under Mac OS X, but doesn't when I put it in a webView for the iPhone. I get a black block with a broken Play button on it.

NB: I have the same problem with YouTube videos. I know it's working with the &lt;embed&gt; tag but I want to use html5 version.

— asked August 15th 2010 by Jérôme Danthinne
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1 Answer

  • Even if it did work, the app would be rejected by apple under the current streaming requirements.

    — answered March 17th 2012 by Stephen Feather
    • By chance do you have a link to where this is stated by Apple? I know they say only one video can play when using the MPMovieController (in XCode) but I don't see why that would apply here

      — commented April 13th 2012 by Lee Sibbald
      1. Media content

      Apps that do not use the MediaPlayer framework to access media in the Music Library will be rejected

      App user interfaces that mimic any iPod interface will be rejected

      Audio streaming content over a cellular network may not use more than 5MB over 5 minutes

      Video streaming content over a cellular network longer than 10 minutes must use HTTP Live Streaming and include a baseline 64 kbps audio-only HTTP Live stream

      — commented April 13th 2012 by Stephen Feather
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