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Graphics for games


I have just picked up Titanium and would like to start coding some games for the iPad.

I have, however, some concerns around the graphics capabilities, especially considering this post:

It would be nice to see some examples of how to best render 2D graphics as I would like to write a game similar to top-down games, such as Flight Control.



— asked August 17th 2010 by Matthew Webster
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    Titanium is awesome; it is truly an amazing time saver, and all but indistinguishable from natively written apps that use native UI controls. However, if you're looking for sprites, collision detection, game-like audio triggers, etc., I would highly recommend you look at a dedicated game engine (e.g., Unity 3D for, um, 3D, and perhaps Ansca Corona for 2D)

    — answered August 17th 2010 by karlo kilayko
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    • I had assumed that I would write code or script which would handle all of that. I like what I've seen so far in Titanium; are you saying that it cannot do these sorts of graphics, even in a simple format?

      — commented August 17th 2010 by Matthew Webster
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