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solved: android emulator "location is currently unavailable"

not a question, but an answer:

i've solved this issue where my location-aware app would error out on android emulators (errno 2 "location is currently unavailable") when i'd hit the geolocation api.

You just have to fire up ddms and manually enter some coordinates (or KML) one time, and the api calls will work.

— asked August 18th 2010 by Kevin Lim
  • android
  • emulator
  • geolocation
  • getcurrentposition

3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Cool, thanks for sharing.

    — answered August 18th 2010 by Kevin Whinnery
  • I'm still getting "unable to get current position, location is null"

    — answered April 27th 2012 by Joris
  • please some clarifications………….

    — answered March 5th 2014 by mithila abeysekera
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    • Hi kiven thanks for sharing this, for me it works fine but i want to know if i can get position automaticlly without configurate DDMS ? here i posted my question Getting GPS coords.
      Can you help me ?

      — commented August 17th 2014 by MAY sameh
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