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External CSS and JS not loading

I am creating a webview in the following manner:

webviewHTML='<html><head><script type="text/javascript" src="../scripts/jquery.1.4.2.min.js"></script></head><body><span class="newsTitle">'+loadedNews[index].title+'</span><br><span class="newsDate">'+date.substr(0,date.length-15)+'<br></span><hr><span class="newsEntry">'+loadedNews[index].content+'</span></body></html>';

var webview=Titanium.UI.createWebView({html:webviewHTML});

However, the css is definitely not loading properly on android (it works on the iPhone), and neither is the jquery as when I call evalJS it also throws an error.

Any help is appreciated.

— asked August 18th 2010 by Abraham Vivas
  • android
  • css
  • external
  • js

2 Answers

  • Did you ever find a solution? I'm having the same problem

    — answered October 6th 2010 by Will Collins
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    • Unfortunately, I was unble to figure a solution for this problem. If you ever do please let me know.

      — commented October 7th 2010 by Abraham Vivas
  • I haven't tried the technique that you're attempting, but I have had success loading local HTML files. For instance…

    var view = Ti.UI.createWebView({url:'localfile.htm'});

    Your html file, in this case 'localfile.htm', could use standard links, just as you would for a normal web page. For instance…

    <script type='text/javascript' language='javascript' src='script.js'></script>

    <link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' media='screen' href='style.css'>

    Although the approach is slightly different, it hopefully provides you the same functionality.

    — answered October 7th 2010 by Lee Behzadi
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    • I can't do this as my html code varies depending on user input, so it's not just a file.

      — commented October 27th 2010 by Abraham Vivas
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