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Android Animation Support

Hi all,
I'm creating an Andriod App which requires simple animation on UI Components like Views, Buttons etc.

I found the Java Classess(i.e Proxy classes like AnmationProxy) for animation support in Titanium UI Module. But still i cant run the animation on android which is working fine on Iphone..so why cant it works on Android??

If anyone have any idea or path please post ASAP..

And when will we have animation support on Andorid in Titanium???


— asked August 19th 2010 by Sandil Shah
  • android
  • animation

1 Answer

  • Unfortunately animations aren't fully supported on Android. Only some basic animation like opacity changes will work. There is a high-priority ticket on Lighthouse which you can watch.

    — answered August 19th 2010 by Richard Venneman
    • so in sdk 1.5.0 can i expect it to be resolved and animation support on android is same as on iPhone???

      — commented August 19th 2010 by Sandil Shah
    • At least opacity, sizing and moving animations. It might be on par with iPhone but we have to wait to find out..

      — commented August 26th 2010 by Richard Venneman
    • so can we use 3DMatrix in 1.5 now?

      — commented December 14th 2010 by Pedro Sousa
    • here i am new to titanium ,how to use 3D matrix for flip the textarea can u explain with any sample code

      — commented March 18th 2011 by prasanna venkatesh
    • hello Richard,

      I am not finding anything from this link. This link says this is not public project .

      so how can i use this ??????

      — commented June 1st 2012 by Sarafaraz Babi
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