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Community Edition - difference (in built app)?

Is the client app behavior/capability/functionality any different if using the Community Edition vs Professional edition?
I can't find any differences (in the built client) so far…

It seems the only differences are within the Support, Analytics, and Training included?

— asked August 19th 2010 by Takahito Torimoto
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4 Answers

  • It's all about support. With pro you have support from the Ti team and access to BlackBerry platform.

    — answered August 19th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • I've got to say that the pro support has been great; the standard Q&A forums are okay, but the responses from the Titanium guys via pro support are spot on. Well worth the money if your company can stump up the cash. At the end of the day you can do totally free development & use the free Q&A forums, or pay a bit of cash to get better support if you need help. Ideal really.

    — answered August 20th 2010 by Matt Collinge
  • ok so it sounds like, there is no limit (or difference in functionality/behavior) in the actual application build using Titanium, no matter which edition you use?
    I somehow thought that the Community Edition put a "banner" on the app or something…

    — answered August 20th 2010 by Takahito Torimoto
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    • Yes, and no banner

      — commented August 20th 2010 by Daniel Lim
  • yes, pro support is great, also they are fixing bugs, if they are real show-stoppers for your app to be released

    — answered August 20th 2010 by Christian Sigl
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