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Swapping an imageView within a table row on select

Previously, I used a table row backgroundImage along with a selectedBackgroundImage. I've had to replace the background image with an imageView.

Within the following event listener…

In the tableview.addEventListener('click',function(e))

How do you target the imageView to change the image to a selected one and mimic the effect of selectedBackgroundImage?

— asked March 22nd 2010 by Phi Chong
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1 Answer

  • Added an attribute to the image view named clickname for easy reference

    var myImageView =  Titanium.UI.createImageView({

    Referencing the child element of the row based on what order you created you row data

        row.add(myImageView);  //children[0]
        row.add(check); //children[1]
        row.add(vendor); //children[2]

    Create your event listener and check for the clickname and access your child element value

        if(e.source.clickName == 'myClickName'){
            if(e.row.children[0].image == 'image_1.png'){
                e.row.children[0].image = 'image_2.png';
                e.row.children[0].image = 'image_2.png';

    I am using the image view as a checkbox

    — answered November 22nd 2010 by Christian Sullivan
    • GREAT explaination of how children are accessed. This helped me tremendously.

      — commented November 3rd 2011 by Seth Davis
    • Agreed. Fantastic explanation, thank you!

      — commented December 15th 2011 by Dooley P
    • This solution is no longer valid in the latest SDK.
      I am no longer able to target .children[0] of a tableviewrow.

      — commented December 26th 2011 by Dooley P
    • Thanks a lot. I was looking for this solution. I wanted to change my ImageView's image when an event was fired from the next screen (UI.Window). It does just that! Amazing and thanks again. :)

      — commented September 26th 2013 by Sufian Babri
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