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Scale an image without losing resolution

If I have a 1000x1000 png file, and load it into an imageView with the width at 100, can I then scale the image (animate) up …ie., zoom it up to a larger view without it looking like a pixelated version of the imageView?

Basically I am looking to zoom from a thumbnail to a full sized image.

When I do:

var imgView = Titanium.UI.createImageView({
var zoomImage = Titanium.UI.createAnimation();
t = Ti.UI.create2DMatrix();
t = t.scale(5.0);
zoomImage.transform = t;
zoomImage.duration = 400;


The zoomed image is pixelated. Yet the original on the hard drive is 1000x1000 - i'd love to see that in it's full glory.

Thanks for any insight.

— asked August 22nd 2010 by Dan Newman
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3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Try to set backgroundImage:'/img.png' instead of image attribute

    — answered August 22nd 2010 by Vitali Virulaine
  • yeah that works - tho it appears that 'auto' does not work as a sizing option in this case? which i think i can work around so this is a good step. much thx.

    — answered August 22nd 2010 by Dan Newman
  • I usually scale image for work needs, but my the resolution of image after scaling is still the same with the source image file. Is there difference between our image scalers?

    — answered March 5th 2014 by HILLARY HALL
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    • Hi, Hillary Hall.
      Could you offer some recommendations about the fine image scaling SDK which won't lose too muach resolution of the images? Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,

      — commented April 8th 2014 by arron lee
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