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Update and animate map annotation?

I have multiple annotations on a map, these are of other users using my app. As their location changes I am updating their pin to the proper location. This all works fine, except the only way i was able to get it to work was to remove their pin and then add it again with the new location.

Is there a way to just update the pin location and have it animate? Like slide accross the map to the new location?

I would like it to mimic the google maps app when you are driving, how the pin just slides as your location changes.

Any ideas?

— asked August 23rd 2010 by John Scanlon
  • iphone
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  • I would like this feature as well for updating a vehicle's pin on a map as it drives.

    — commented June 23rd 2011 by Justin Toth

1 Answer

  • Bumping this to see if their was any progress in the sdk's since I first asked this.

    — answered June 5th 2011 by John Scanlon
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    • I agree with you.
      This should have been addressed.

      — commented June 13th 2015 by Yousef Abed
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