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common js file run into others

Dear All,
The scenarion I wanted to explain is that I created an application which consisted many js files for different scenes/stages in application. But there is one thing common i.e. header and footer. So as of now I have to write the code to make header+footer in all pages which includes about 90 lines. and I have to put this code in all js files for all stages appears in screen. Is there any way to put the header and footer code in another js file say common-layout.js and include it in all js files to render header+footer for all the screens/scenes.

— asked August 23rd 2010 by Amit Srivastava
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2 Answers

  • Dear I Got the solution! Thanks for approaching this..

    — answered August 26th 2010 by Amit Srivastava
  • For anyone else who is interested in the answer, you can checkout how I do it in the DotNetNuke Pulse application. All of the source code is available on the DNN Pulse project page on CodePlex.

    — answered August 26th 2010 by Joe Brinkman
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