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Can't install Titanium on Win 7

Greetings! I have troubles installing your app on Win 7 Ultimate.
The .msi starts as expected, then i agree with the license, the UAC window pops up, which i use to grant the installer admin permissions. And then… it tries to "download and extract SDK" and fails.

I've already tried to turn win internal firewall off, but that was of little use - the problem persists. I've also tried to turn the antivirus (Dr.Web 5.0) off with the same result - "Download failed" and rollback of the installation.

Is there any way of obtaining and installing SDK without .msi package?

— asked March 10th 2010 by Vladimir S
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2 Answers

  • Did you find any solution for the issue? I seem to have exactly same problem.

    — answered September 18th 2010 by Jaak Laineste
  • You have to turn UAC off since it blocks the downloading of content.. Usely UAC is a pain in the ass

    — answered September 18th 2010 by J T
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