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App Closes Immediately when Deployed to Device (iPhone 4.0.2)

Hi. I've got an application, runs fine when in simulator. When I load to device, it closes immediately upon on open. It seems to be related to having NO data in the local database. If fails on adding data to picker.

<script src='http://pastie.org/1113801.js'></script>

Last line, is where the failure happens.

Any suggestions? What am I missing?

— asked August 24th 2010 by Jennifer Bonnett
  • database
  • iphone
  • picker

1 Answer

  • check if the paidwith_data has any rows in it ( length >0 ) or the picker will try to add an empty array and die ofcourse

    — answered August 25th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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