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Email Issue


here is the coce to post an email from Iphone using emailDialog



Here is the code for : test/infolight.js which is created in resources folder


If i have launch application, after clicking Done & send buttons output is : Message Sent(Thanks for your feedback) in an alert box but i havent got any email to varun_atl@yahoo.com
is there any mistake in code…?

I dont know weather i have to write smtp code if so where & what code should be inserted…???

can anyone pls solve this issue..

My system Config:

On Intel motherboard i have installed Mac Snowleapord

Model Name: iMac (Snow leapord)
System Version: Mac OS X 10.6.2 (10C540)
Xcode: 3.2.3
Titanium Developer: 1.2.1
Titanium Sdk: 4.0

Well please inform me if i have to configure anything else like smtp etc.., to this system with any other configurations required…? & how?

Thankyou in advance,

— asked August 26th 2010 by Varun Atluri

2 Answers

  • Hmm… It turns out that right when you posted this I was also working on an EmailDialog, but it was not quite like yours… Here is my code. It works fine, tested on the iPhone simulator and device (3GS, 4.0.2).

    — answered August 26th 2010 by Colton Arabsky
    • I dont know after pasting u r code still problem remains same

      — commented August 26th 2010 by Varun Atluri
    • Thanks for u r immediate reply

      — commented August 26th 2010 by Varun Atluri
    • Please check system config & inform if anything to be installed…

      — commented August 26th 2010 by Varun Atluri
  • Its working.

    Some device patch must be updated

    — answered November 18th 2010 by Varun Atluri
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