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How to debug if app crashes right away?

I need some help on how to debug my desktop app.

When I hit Launch App, my app immediately crashes and says:

starbotcontrol appears to have encountered a fatal error and cannot 

The application has collected information about the error in the form of a
 detailed error report. If you send the crash report, we will attempt to 
resolve this problem.

Peculiar thing is:

  1. My app runs fine on some computers and not others.
  2. "Sometimes" it will launch fine on a symptomatic computer.

I've tried to launch with –debug but that didn't show anything useful in this case.

Any way to get more debug info?

— asked August 26th 2010 by Billy Loma
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3 Answers

  • what does the crash log say ( at /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/appname.crash.log )

    — answered August 27th 2010 by danno watts
  • Darn, I just reproduced the crash and nothing is captured in ../CrashReporter/

    Here is the last snip from the Titanium console:

    [13:54:01:959] [Titanium.Proxy] [Debug] Checking whether https://api.appcelerator.net/p/v1/app-track should be bypassed.
    [13:54:01:959] [Titanium.Proxy] [Debug] bypass entry: scheme='' host='.local' port='0'
    [13:54:01:959] [Titanium.Proxy] [Debug] bypass entry: scheme='' host='169.254/16' port='0'
    [13:54:01:959] [Titanium.Proxy] [Debug] No bypass
    [13:54:01:960] [Titanium.Proxy] [Debug] Using direct connection.

    I'm wondering if the proxy stuff has anything to do with it. I'm behind corp firewall, etc.

    — answered August 27th 2010 by Billy Loma
  • Answering this although it is one year old since I got here from google wondering the same thing…
    Answer: Use the Debug feature of Titanium Studio. At least it gave me a backtrace when the app crashed

    — answered October 7th 2011 by Fredrik Motin
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