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Interceping a link in a web view

I have a small webview above a larger scrollview, the webview is used to display an image with a link. When the image is clicked the link is opened in the small web view.

Is there a way to intercept this click on the link and open in a new larger webview. The link will always bring the user to the app page so I would like it to go to the app store on the iphone

Is both of these possible?

— asked August 27th 2010 by derek johnston
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  • links
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3 Answers

  • If the small webview loads a local webpage, you could communicate form this to Titanium using events. If you load it from a server is a little more complicated but doable.

    Basicaly you declare in app.js a custom event that opens the bigger webview, and in the small webview you trigger this event what the link it's clicked.

    Why do you use a webview only for an image? you can use the click event on that image. Webviews are costly for the device.

    — answered August 27th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • Hi,

    I am using just simple webview.html, but the href and src actually call out to adtech(advertising) server that presents an image with a link - this will always be dynamic.

    — answered August 27th 2010 by derek johnston
  • Ok You will have to load the webview from adtech using xhr (the result will be a string), modify it ( add onclick event to the link you want) then set all this as html property to the small webview.

    Painful but doable.

    Hope it makes sense :)

    — answered August 27th 2010 by Dan Tamas
    • Hi,
      got this working thanks for the advice - one problem though is that the link is to the itunes where the user can download the iphone app that is being advertised but I would like my link to go the aoo store install screen for the app. - how do you do that?

      — commented August 30th 2010 by derek johnston
    • Instead of loading the link in the webview, have it open in safari, which will then open the link in the app store. To do that, use:

      I've used this to allow users of my app to buy songs in iTunes.

      Hope that helps,

      Peter Janett

      — commented September 3rd 2010 by Peter janett
    • Thanks peter - got this working

      — commented September 4th 2010 by derek johnston
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