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Android error, then project creation error

This has been a very negative experience so far. Trying out Titanium for the first time. Installed the latest on Win Vista 64-bit. Installed Android SDK (seems like all versions up to 2.2 are installed by default). Tried to create new app and also imported KitchenSink. In both cases, Android emulator will only load if you select SDK 1.0 but not newer versions, also loaded part of the way, showing the phone, but the app is not there and getting errors on the Titanium log. Then tried to reinstall Android SDK. Now Titanium would fail even creating a new project. In the Run Emulator tab, SDK is already loading and never find any version.

Is this really tested??? Does it really only work on Mac??? Do I need to buy professional support just to make it work???

— asked August 28th 2010 by Tommy Tam
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  • 3 weeks and still no one answered with solution / suggestion. This tells you something about Titanium. Glad that I'm not in a hurry to develop my app. Will need to wait for Titanium QA to iron this out and may be try again in 6 months.

    — commented September 17th 2010 by Tommy Tam

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  • I had problems with Android initially. I installed the android SDK in my user folder…and it wouldn't work. Once I moved it to another folder it worked.

    — answered August 28th 2010 by Rick Blalock
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    • The problem is a lot more complex than that. Firstly, the Android SDK is in C:\android-sdk-windows. Nothing to do with user folder.

      — commented August 29th 2010 by Tommy Tam
  • — answered August 29th 2010 by Tommy Tam
  • Any suggestion so far? Is this a known problem? Does this get answered by the staffs of Appcelerator or I have to pay for the professional version first?

    — answered August 30th 2010 by Tommy Tam
  • There was a problem in the mobile login code that appeared due to a system change. That has been fixed see you you have better luck now.

    — answered August 30th 2010 by Don Thorp
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    • What do I need to do to my installation? I just tried again but no luck. Ever since I reinstall Android SDK, the Run Emulator tab always show the SDK is "loading…" and nothing happens. Part of the problem is that it doesn't give me any feedback on whether it can't find the SDK, or if something is wrong with the SDK. Just no information.

      — commented August 31st 2010 by Tommy Tam
  • Appcelerator is missing in action??? Still avoiding to answer this question?

    — answered September 23rd 2010 by Tommy Tam
  • i had this problem and I solved it by installing ALL android SDK releases in the ADK and then it worked. Don't know if it will solve your problem, but it worked for me.

    BTW: I am on a mac, don't know if that matters… good luck

    — answered October 27th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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    • Thanks for answering. We had a few people together trying on several Windows and several Macs. Basically, our conclusion is that trying to use Titanium on Windows with Android is a WASTE OF TIME. There are many possible problems and Titanium does not help to figure our why things are not working. It can work once, then you change something, it breaks. We try to figure out what's wrong, but everyone came up with a different theory. Even if you get it to work, it is like 10X slower on Windows, so no serious developer can be productive in such environment.

      We decided to just develop on Mac for iPhone first… when we are further along, then we will deal with Android (and many be Appcelerator will fix the problem by then).

      — commented October 27th 2010 by Tommy Tam
  • hey Tommy ,

    i had Titanium installed on my notebook running vista 64bit for andoid 5 months back and it works awesome…though had little issues at first but was able to fix them in a day or two.

    can you post back the procedures you followed to install Titanium on your machine…may be i think i can help you..

    — answered October 29th 2010 by Satta Ravi
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