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Does apple still allow appcelerator

I am really interested in appcelerator and have already begun developing my app (transitioning from web based to native version), and this platform is amazing! But I've been hearing that the apps created using 3rd party tools will get rejected from Apples golden gates. Whats the stance as of now?

— asked August 29th 2010 by G l
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2 Answers

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    Yes they do…I have 3 iPhone apps and 1 iPad app (approved last friday) in the app store. All were developed using titanium.

    — answered August 29th 2010 by Dave Devitt
  • I believe they get accepted. I've heard of several people who create Apps via Titanium and they get accepted from Apple.

    If not, there's always Android, eh? :P

    — answered August 29th 2010 by Colton Arabsky
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