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Tab view navigation

Hi All,

Is there a way to navigate to the tab's root window from the top level window in the stack?

Here is the scenario:

Tab's rootWindow –> window1 –> window2.

I would like to navigate to rootWindow from window2 through a button click. Is it possible?



— asked August 29th 2010 by Sravan Vinjamuri
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  • Any way to do this now?

    — commented September 5th 2011 by Bole Chen
  • if you are using iOS, double tapping the tab will bring you to the root. Otherwise, you pretty much have to set up your own window stack management system to navigate to the root. There is a good tutorial about this in the titanium mobile lessons provided by appcelerator (sorry, I can't find it right now).

    — commented December 28th 2011 by Blueshift Local
  • here's the wiki page for the above mentioned tutorial

    — commented January 24th 2012 by Matt White

1 Answer

  • it's simple use click button to open window1 !! or create navigation group ( it's only for iphone/Ipad)

    — answered December 29th 2011 by guellai farid
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