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Extending SQLite functions

Hi all,

I am looking at the discussion over at: <https://appcelerator.tenderapp.com/discussions/titanium-mobile-discussion/1685-extending-sqlite-for-map-calculations>
And trying to figure out how to extend SQLite with the functions described (getDistance()) or any other function for that matter.

I understand things need to be 'recompiled' but what exactly needs to be recompiled and where should I add the code?


— asked August 30th 2010 by Jeroen Kntl
  • database
  • extend
  • sqlite
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  • A shameless bump, still struggling with this :/

    — commented September 6th 2010 by Jeroen Kntl

2 Answers

  • Yes, this is a bump.
    I really hope the involvement of Appcelerator people in this Q&A section, since their new round of capital funding, improves.

    — answered October 31st 2010 by Jeroen Kntl
  • For the people that found this thru search. I've solved it:
    Check out my pull request on Github, and see the diff for the changes you need to make to what files to get a custom sqlite function to work.
    Note that all the SDK files are in ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk (on a mac)

    — answered September 23rd 2011 by Jeroen Kntl
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