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Getting Started - Need Apple Developer Approval?

I've downloaded and installed the iOS 4.0.2 SDK, but my helloworld app won't compile and run on the iphone simulator using mobile SDK 1.4. When I choose iphone 3.2 SDK, it compiles, but fails with the following message:

The following build commands failed:
Ld /Users/dk/Development/HelloWorld1/build/iphone/build/Debug-iphonesimulator/HelloWorld1.app/HelloWorld1 normal i386
(1 failure)

Do I need to have developer approval and a valid apple developer certificate to sign the compiled app before it will run in the simulator? Or is this some other problem?

Also, when compiling for iPhone 4 SDK, the launch screen stalls after it detects the iphone SDK version - does this imply that the Titanium SDK doesn't support iOS 4.0.2 yet?

I notice in the detailed output, a chunk of messages such as:

Undefined symbols:
".objc_class_name_NSObject", referenced from:
.objc_class_name_UIImageResize in libTitanium.a(UIImage+Resize.o)
.objc_class_name_UIImageAlpha in libTitanium.a(UIImage+Alpha.o)
.objc_class_name_FBXMLHandler in libTitanium.a(FBXMLHandler.o)
literal-pointer@__OBJC@__cls_refs@NSObject in libTitanium.a(TiUITableViewProxy.o)
.objc_class_name_FBSession in libTitanium.a(FBSession.o)
.objc_class_name_PlausibleDatabase in libTitanium.a(PlausibleDatabase.o)

Which may imply that the Titanium SDK is looking for functions not in the SDK installed on my system, hence why I ask if Titanium supports latest apple SDK 4.0.2?

Any help appreciated. It's quite frustrating when out of the box the sample apps just don't work, even though the new project has found both SDKs fine.

— asked August 30th 2010 by Dan Khan
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1 Answer

  • No, you don't need anything to run the iPhone Simulator. The only time you need a Certificate/App ID/Provisioning Profile is for testing on your device or distributing through the App Store.

    — answered August 30th 2010 by Colton Arabsky
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