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Retaining black glossy appearance of popover

Using a splitView in portrait on iPad, the masterView appears as a popover (as demonstrated in the Kitchen Sink iPad example). The title bar of the popover has an initial appearance of a black, glossy finish. However, if using a tableView that loads a child with an animation between windows within the view, the appearance changes to the stock grey and the text within the title bar looks off on the vertical by a few pix. Is there a way to retain the black glossy look throughout? Is this a bug?

— asked August 30th 2010 by Rafael Hernandez
  • ipad

1 Answer

  • This still hasn't been fixed? It basically makes any practical use of a split-window impossible, since the current implementation makes an app look cheap and cobbled together with, say, 3rd party tools.

    — answered November 28th 2010 by Bill Labus
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    • i am using the split view, and I don't really understand from the question what the problem is? Do either of you have a screen shot or can it be explained more clearly?

      — commented November 28th 2010 by Aaron Saunders
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