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Android Module SDK

Could the new Android Module SDK be used to add audio recording capabilities for Andriod into Titanium?

— asked August 31st 2010 by Doug Kersten
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3 Answers

  • Now recording is possible on Android, natively, without Intents.
    We just released the Audio Recorder Titanium Module for Android.
    You can see more details on Codeboxed Titanium Audio Recorder Module
    Follow us on Twitter: @codeboxed for more updates.

    — answered August 4th 2011 by Alexandru Budin
  • Go to vocalrank.com. That android audio recording module picks up where Codeboxed stopped. It works with TiStudio 3.0, and targets Android SDK 10. There's a sample apk available for download and more info about the Android audio recorder module.

    — answered February 12th 2013 by Eric Dean
  • Hi, i am using Titanium sdk 2.1.2 and android sdk 2.2. I have placed the codeboxed audio recording module in

    ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium/modules/android/com.codeboxed.audiorecorder

    but when i try to include it in ti.app.xml its not being shown in modules list. I am running sample project provided by the codeboxed team. from the following link.Please suggest where I am wrong and guide.



    — answered July 31st 2013 by Ali Akram
    • The codebox module became OT (old technology) after several subsequent Titanium releases. I would suggest going to vocalrank.com and download that version of the android audio recorder module.

      — commented July 31st 2013 by Eric Dean
    • That is paid :) cost $25 per module…

      — commented August 1st 2013 by Ali Akram
    • That's a small price to pay in order to finish your app. Plus far more inexpensive than hiring a java developer to custom-code an audio recording module.

      — commented August 1st 2013 by Eric Dean
    • Let me just add one more important thing. The minimum Android SDK level is v8 (2.3). So given the specs which you listed above. It won't work with your project anyways.

      — commented August 1st 2013 by Eric Dean
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