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Back Button (Android) not work in Tab

In my App, there are 2 tabs, in which the second tab have 3 windows. When I am at the second window, I press the back button to return to first window, but then it exit the program.

What can I do to make the back button work in order to return to the first window?

— asked September 1st 2010 by Sreyleap Lay
  • android
  • back_button
  • tab
  • window

1 Answer

  • It sounds as if you have exitOnClose property set when creating your first window. You want to make sure this is set to false when creating your initial window.

    You can also catch the backbutton on the first window to stop it exiting.

    win.addEventListener('android:back', function(e){
    //Ti.API.info('Do not allow back button');
    — answered December 31st 2011 by Ben Bahrenburg
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