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TextField: limit allowed characters?

Is it possible to limit user input in a textfield? For example, I'd like to allow only numbers in a particular field.

— asked September 1st 2010 by Parand Darugar
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    I have this on the change event, to restrict the input to numbers and under a certain limit

    customer_phone_limit =  10;

    the change event triggers this function

    function(e) {
            var val = phone.value;
            !!( /[^0-9]/.test(val) ) ? phone.value = val.replace(/[^0-9]/gi,'') ): false ;
            e.source.value = e.source.value.slice(0,customer_phone_limit);
    — answered September 2nd 2010 by Dan Tamas
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    • That works well for me thank you. On android it prepositions the cursor to the start of the field, but not a huge issue, the user shouldn't be pressing the wrong buttons anyway :)

      I changed it a little to make it easier to just copy/paste to all of my textfield events

      var val = e.source.value;
      !!( /[^0-9]/.test(val) ) ? e.source.value = val.replace(/[^0-9]/gi,'') : false;

      — commented July 20th 2013 by Adam Parker
  • if you are only wanting numbers in a textfield, then you should just bring up the number keyboard instead of the regular keyboard. that way there's no way for someone to type in anything other than numbers.


    — answered September 2nd 2010 by danno watts
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    • I don't think that's true - you can hit the "ABC" key, at least on Android, to switch over to an alphabet keyboard.

      — commented September 2nd 2010 by Parand Darugar
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