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how to pass on data to from one window to other ?

I tried this code but it does not works.

In app.js, I could define a function and a property.

var a = 1;
function b()
return "hello";

Creating a new window by this:
var w = Titanium.UI.createWindow({

assigning a and b to a new window reference w.
w.a = a;
w.b = b;

But when I access a and b in w , it shows undefined for both.

How will I pass on data then ?

— asked September 4th 2010 by Avinash Arora
  • iphone4

2 Answers

  • You can

    1. Send and receive custom events between Windows with parameters.
    2. Store and retrieve app parameters like Setint or GetInt, etc.

    Check them out at the api reference.

    — answered September 4th 2010 by Peter Lum
    • Hi Peter , thanks a lot for your instant response.
      1) Can you please give one example.
      2) If I use setInt and getInt then, will variables become global ? I think they will be global and will not be garbage collected until application exits. I donn't want to happen that.

      — commented September 5th 2010 by Avinash Arora
    • I tried for custom event. Data is passed but event is not fired always. Sometimes it is not fired. Any solution on this ?

      — commented September 5th 2010 by Avinash Arora
  • — answered September 5th 2010 by Avinash Arora
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