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entourage.js and php service scripts

Some time ago I found and looked into Entourage to use with php projects (Zend framework at the time) and as I was working my way through it, it seemed to have gone away. My inquiries then resulted in being told that Titanium was top priority. Some indicated that Entourage was part of Titanium, but I was looking for it as a "stand alone" tool that I could use. I keep coming back to needing something that would let me do all my ajax stuff in a much simpler more intuitive way, which is what Entourage seemed to offer. Where does Entourage stand now? All info on the site seems to be old, and the links for any downloads and such go to Titanium. Is Entourage dead? Outside of Titanium that is.

— asked September 4th 2010 by Steven Hill
  • entourage
  • framework
  • moa
  • php
  • service
  • zend

2 Answers

  • What do you need to do?

    You don't need Entourage to be able to do anything between PHP service scripts and Titanium apps.

    If your PHP scripts output XML or preferably JSON data and can accept GET or POST requests, then you're good to go! ;)

    — answered September 4th 2010 by Kosso
  • Thanks for the response. I think I was not clear. I do not use Titanium. I have PHP projects that I would like to replace ajax functionality with the MOA capabilities of Entourage. I have used Entourage on one project and during that project I discovered that the focus at Appcelerator shifted to Titanium. I am writing now to see if Entourage is dead or if it is still actively worked on? If it is not being worked on, does anyone know of a similar MOA utility that simply plugs in like Entourage did?

    — answered September 5th 2010 by Steven Hill
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    • what do you mean by 'MOA'?

      — commented September 5th 2010 by Kosso
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