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Titanium.UI.iPhone unknown

I have the following piece of code:


But for some reason, it doesn't know Titanium.UI.iPhone :S :

Result of expression 'Titanium.UI.iPhone' [undefined] is nog an object. at app.js (line 63)

Anyone knows how to fix this?

These lines are working perfect in the kitchenSink application.

— asked September 7th 2010 by Peter Griffin
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2 Answers

  • Allright, deleting the build and create a complete rebuild fixed the problem. Sould have tried that earlier…

    — answered September 22nd 2010 by Peter Griffin
    • I'm getting a similar problem when i'm trying to compile my .ipa to distribute as an enterprise/ad-hoc one.

      If i test it on through xCode on my phone works fine, but when i do the distribute, get this error

      [ERROR] Application received error: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'Ti.UI.iPhone.AnimationStyle.FLIP_FROM_LEFT')

      — commented December 26th 2012 by Rafael Cardoso
    • I got Ti.UI.iPhone.RowAnimationStyle.NONE undefined problem from the follow code


      Fixed it by removing the 'build' folder and rebuild.

      — commented February 16th 2013 by titanium studio
  • So I had the same problem.

    I had the following code:

    var AppTabGroup = require('ui/AppTabGroup');
    AppTabGroup().open({transition: Titanium.UI.iPhone && Titanium.UI.iPhone.AnimationStyle.FLIP_FROM_LEFT});

    If i run it through Xcode on my device would work fine, but if I archived and run it as an AdHoc I would get the error.

    [ERROR] Application received error: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'Ti.UI.iPhone.AnimationStyle.FLIP_FROM_LEFT')

    I removed the first "Titanium.UI.iPhone" and now i have the code like:

    var AppTabGroup = require('ui/AppTabGroup');
    AppTabGroup().open({transition: Titanium.UI.iPhone.AnimationStyle.FLIP_FROM_LEFT})

    and it works fine now. So the first "Titanium.UI.iPhone" was the problem. Not sure why it would work if i Run on my Device and it wouldnt work if I create the Adhoc. Go figure.

    — answered January 2nd 2013 by Rafael Cardoso
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