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Consistent status bar display between windows

In my app, there is an opening intro video that is in full screen mode so it is actually over top of the of status bar.

When I change windows to the first view based window, I use the size 1024x768 for full screen. This new window shows the status bar.

Since the first page of the second window is supposed to be nearly the same as the last frame of the first window's video, this presents a problem trying to line things up.

Is it possible to either have the video show full screen, but under the status bar so the status bar is in window 1 and window 2?

Or is it possible to have window 2 show over top of the status bar so it is not shown so it is the same as in window 1's video?

Is there a known exact dimension of this status bar?

— asked September 7th 2010 by John Pataki
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1 Answer

  • You could show your intro video inside a modal that opens on app launch. When it's done, close the modal and you can have your main window (window #2) setup how you want. The animation between the modal and the main window (slide down, fade out, etc.) could help the change between the screens not be so jarring.

    I believe the status bar is 320px by 20px.

    — answered September 7th 2010 by Clifton Labrum
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