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App closes when you tap the Back button, it should go back

Android/Windows/SDK 1.4

My app closes when you press the back button–the curvy-left-arrow on the phone/emulator (not a button defined w/in my app). I want it go back to the previously opened window.

app.js - switcher that opens one of a few windows based on prior use of the app

mainwin.js - defines & opens the main window of the application

profile.js - defines a window listing profiles created by the user

A button tap in mainwin.js opens profile.js with statements like this:


With the profile window open, if you tap the back button, the app should go back to the main window (defined in mainwin.js) but instead it closes.

I see the exitOnClose: true property, which I've set for only the window definition in mainwin.js. If I set that property to false, how do I specify which window/file would be opened?


— asked September 7th 2010 by Tim Poulsen
  • android
  • window

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    You may want to try something like this on the current window

    win.addEventListener('android:back', function() {

    Just note the window has to be a "heavyweight" window. (window called with either fullscreen, modal, or tabBarHidden - but they can be false)

    — answered September 7th 2010 by John Veldboom
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    • Thanks John! That did it. I had to use fullscreen:false with the window … well, it worked with any of the properties you listed set true or false. But, with any but fullscreen:false, the top of the title area was cut off as if I had set top:-10 or so.


      — commented September 7th 2010 by Tim Poulsen
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