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Is There EVER Going To Be A Titanium Desktop Update???

In the 6 months since 1.0 released, you'll have released 5 updates to Titanium Mobile (since 1.5 is due soon). Meanwhile Titanium Desktop is not only stalled at 1.0, but it crashes with a completely unhelpful error message on 64 bit Win 7 when you enable PHP.

Despite this being a known issue for months, not even a 1.01 release of Titanium Desktop has been released to fix this show stopper.

Seriously, is Titanium Desktop a dead product?

— asked September 7th 2010 by Greg Bulmash
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    Thanks for everyone's patience.

    Yes, we will be making a public release available later this Fall. We have several large and small customers that we've been working with over the past several months, so I can assure you that there is active development going on as we speak.

    Thanks again -


    — answered September 10th 2010 by Scott Schwarzhoff
  • According to this thread (http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/38971/is-appcelerator-desktop-dead) the desktop version isn't dead, but it sure seems like it:

    -There is hardly any news.

    -No updates. The latest version/milestone (1.1) was over one year ago with still no sign of release (https://appcelerator.lighthouseapp.com/projects/25719-titanium-desktop/milestones).

    -the API (and other) documentation is minimal or incomplete.

    -There are various bugs on the Windows platform (especially Windows 7).

    -Forum questions remain unanswered for weeks.

    I can understand that they are a startup and their business model relies on people buying support, but the current state of the desktop version doesn't really give a positive impression.

    In fact, I was asked by my superiors to experiment with Appcelerator Desktop for a bit and see if it was a good alternative to Flex/Air (which we have been using for cross-OS desktop apps). At first glance, Appcelerator seemed like a very good alternative, but in it's current state I can't recommend to my superiors that we try this for even one project, let alone all of them.

    — answered September 8th 2010 by Govert Verschuur
  • I guess the best way to check if the project is dead is to look at the public code repository.

    Titanium Desktop Commits @ Github

    They're still committing updates, so someone is working on it, though the pace of committs has slowed significantly from a few months ago. It's just a question of when, if ever, they plan to issue an official release, even if it's just a bugfix release that solves their primary showstopper issues.

    — answered September 8th 2010 by Greg Bulmash
  • I'm really curious about this too. I'm doing all mobile apps right now, but do plan to start desktop apps later this year so I'll need to decided between this and Adobe AIR.

    — answered September 9th 2010 by Dan Giulvezan
  • If everything else fails, you can simply fork it on github

    — answered September 9th 2010 by Michael Stuhr
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