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iPad Magazine

We're trying to knock up an iPad interactive magazine in a similar vein to the Wired mag with Appcelerator.

We're planning to use HTML5 instead of a bundle of images and before we started I just wanted to guage whether this would be possible in Appcelerator and whether it would allow the interactive functionality and native navigation (swipe to change pages, etc…).

Any opinions or help before we start would be extremely appreciated…

— asked September 8th 2010 by Chris Leyton
  • ipad
  • scrollview
  • webview

1 Answer

  • My strong advice is to try NOT to do it within a webview but to do it natively with Titanium.

    The webview is the most expensive UI element in terms of cpu and memory, and you will tend to include a lot of javascript in it ( no offence please).

    — answered September 8th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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