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splash screen too large

I'm struggling with a dumb problem I can't seem to fix. I've created a custom splash screen image. But, it's showing too large in the emulator … probably 20% or so larger so that the edges all around are outside of the screen area.

The image is 320 x 480. I've tried at both 96 & 72 dpi. In fact, I started with the stock Default.png and edited it with Photoshop to create my custom image.

I used the same PSD file to also create a background image for the app itself. That image shows up correctly, at the right scale.

Any suggestions?

— asked September 9th 2010 by Tim Poulsen
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  • I tried resizing the Default.png to 300x450 and the now-smaller image just gets stretched. So, it's still showing up too large but now is all pixelated. Arg!

    — commented September 10th 2010 by Tim Poulsen

1 Answer

  • Tim

    If you are able to upload your image file somewhere and post the link here, I would be happy to try to get this working as you expect.

    — answered November 20th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
    • Hal, you're on a roll! This is like the fifth question of mine you've answered today. Thanks! :)

      — commented November 20th 2010 by Tim Poulsen
    • At the moment, I don't recall what I did to work around this. Something about the top being cut off, rather than the image being stretched as I thought. It seems I had to leave a 20 px or so empty space at the top in order for the contents of the splash image to all be visible. I'll add another comment here if I remember the exact particulars.

      — commented November 20th 2010 by Tim Poulsen
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