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Developer offline?

Is there a way to use Titanium Developer without having to be online? I'm not always around internet access, and it seems kind of dumb to force me to be online just to get past the gui.

— asked September 9th 2010 by Josh Lewis
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    Maybe it's just me, but somehow I managed to make the official Titanium Developer work offline. Maybe it just gave up after trying to connect for a while :-)

    Alternatively, I have a modified version of the Titanium Developer app, called "IRONti Developer" to prevent user confusion, that supports CoffeeScript and includes a built-in source code editor. It also has all of the online stuff turned off. I'm in the process of creating a package for it. It should be available any day now :-)

    — answered September 9th 2010 by Kyle Quest
  • Hm, mine started working after all.

    — answered September 10th 2010 by Josh Lewis
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