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XML Drill Down / Master Detail Tableview

Hi All

I am new to titanium, i what i want to achieve is as follow.

Data source: XML

Tableview - list drilldown to a detail page

can someone give me an indication of how can this be achieve.

here is a video of what i want..


— asked September 10th 2010 by Jason Shen
  • tableview
  • xml
  • xmlrpc

1 Answer

  • HI Jason

    I'm up against it at the mo, but found this if its they help. It might be a starter for 10 :)


    If i get a moment over the weekend and it is not resolved I will have a go.

    Are you looking for local or remote XML?



    — answered September 10th 2010 by Mark Pierce
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    • Hi Mark

      cheers for the link, I have seen that already, it doesn't quite what i want.

      the xml is remote..

      i need a tableview with all the titles then drilldown to a detail page

      here is a video what i want..


      if you have time could you have a look for me cheers

      — commented September 11th 2010 by Jason Shen
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