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Titanium.Platform.model ?

I am just banging my head here trying to get this to work.

if (Titanium.Platform.model =='iPhone 3_2' ) //Detect iPad 3.2
Do this view
if (Titanium.Platform.model =='iPhone 4' ) // Detect iOS 4+
Do that other view

For some reason I can not get the out come I need. Any Help on the proper way to get the OS version and then show this view depending on the OS?

— asked September 10th 2010 by Jeffrey Messick
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  • detect
  • if
  • ios
  • iphone
  • statement

1 Answer

  • Hi, i've and Iphone 3gs, and i run an app , the model it show me was iPhone 3GS

    Look this table


    — answered July 25th 2011 by Roberto Salguero
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