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can an app have a short name (under icon) different than it's app store name?

Basically, I'd like a longer name than 11-14 characters, but I want to use a shorter version of my app's name under its icon to avoid truncation and eclipses.

From reading online, the answer seems to be that this is fine (even saw some documentation from Apple that confirmed this).

However, from a technical standpoint, I can't figure it out. I've copied my Info.plist file to my project root according to: http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/37431/infoplisttemplate-not-working-under-13x

Say the full name of my project is "My Test App 1234" as named when I created it. Say I want the name under the icon to be "Test App". Changing the CFBundleDisplayName from ${PRODUCT_NAME} to Test App will indeed change the name of the app on the home screen. However, it also changes the name of the app everywhere. (It seems that the CFBundleName isn't used anywhere that matters to this.)

So, given this, I guess my question is, should I just create the project with my apps short name, and then when I apply to the App Store, use the long name for the project?

— asked September 10th 2010 by Robby Dermody
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1 Answer

  • Try rename CFBundleDisplayName from ${PRODUCT_NAME} to "Test App", delete previous app from simulator and force rebuild (to do this, delete files into your_app_project>build>iphone>build). It is works fine to me.

    — answered September 22nd 2010 by Jose Luna
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    • tried this.. and failed, and now the icon is not even rendering on the simulator… should i run the project through xcode?

      — commented December 2nd 2010 by soemarko ridwan
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