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Npapi plugins in Titanum

Hi, I have just found Titanium and am very curious about it.

Me team build niche web applications on top of a custom npapi plugin. Currently we are constrained to browsers that support the npapi interface.

I may just be being lazy, but I am hoping someone can just give me the answer without me doing any work.

Would it be possible to build a Titanium app that includes our custom plugin?

Is it possible to use Titanium to build an app for the iPad that includes our custom npapi plugin?

— asked September 11th 2010 by Phil Taylor
  • ipad
  • npapi
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1 Answer

  • And the correct answer is… you build a module using either C++ or Python or whatever. The NPAPI interface is redundant since we have the amazing Kroll.

    The support on this website is rather lacking. Not very comforting for a company considering investing significant resources into this platform.

    — answered March 2nd 2011 by Phil Taylor
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    • I am curious about your last paragraph. You do understand that this is just a user community? It is not an Appcelerator support forum.

      If you use the free version of Titanium – as I do – there is no official support or guaranteed response time. You can ask other users on this forum, but responses primarily come from other users. Even so, it seems several of the top ten contributors (listed in the sidebar when not on a specific question) have the appcelerator badge. So it isn't like they completely ignore the forums either.

      That is, if you are "considering investing significant resources into this platform" then you may want to research the official support options before you throw the baby out with the bath water. I believe they do have guaranteed response times.

      On the other hand, if like me you plan to use the free edition then it seems reasonable to me to not have official support either. Am I missing something here?

      — commented March 2nd 2011 by Doug Handy
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