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websocket support

Are there plans to incorporate websockets into mobile? Currently you can build your own websocket client using Titanium.Network.TCPSocket but having a WebSocketClient would be a valuable addition to the Network suite.

— asked September 12th 2010 by Kam Kasravi
  • mobile/web
  • I need this support as well.

    — commented January 25th 2011 by Mitch Schwenk
  • Adding my voice to this feature request. There's also an issue in the issue tracker for this, if more people would register and watch that issue maybe Appcelerator will see there's a demand.

    — commented May 24th 2011 by Joakim Stai

2 Answers

  • Here is a solution: https://github.com/iamyellow/tiws

    — answered April 14th 2013 by Rainer Schleevoigt
  • Any news on WebSocket for Ti Mobile?

    — answered October 4th 2010 by Linus Oleander
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