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HttpClient connection with X.509 certificate authentication over SSL

Hi all,

I need to access some HTTPS services that request the user to authenticate with a valid X.509 certificate. iPhone SDK in Objective-C allows to select a certificate to authenticate HTTPs connections, but I am wondering if this can be done also through Titanium Mobile.

Any of you has experience with X.509 certificate authentication?

Thank you in advance

— asked September 13th 2010 by Antonio Calanducci
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  • certificate
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  • mobile
  • ssl
  • x.509
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  • Any luck with this? I'm interested in trying titanium, but x509 client auth support is required for the project.

    — commented January 18th 2011 by mike powers

4 Answers

  • We had released a module for IOS you can use to use client certificate authentication. Link to Cryptolibrary Module.

    Client certificates must be accepted by the SSL server (CTL, extensions, etc.)

    — answered October 31st 2012 by Antonio Vila
    • @Antonio Vila:
      This module does not build with Ti SDK 3.
      Any plans to support this version of the SDK?

      — commented April 24th 2013 by Casper Blokzijl
    • Ti SDK 3 version support was suspended awaiting for user requests. Now it's in the near future timeline. We'll post the info as soon as the version is released. Thanks for your interest.

      — commented April 24th 2013 by Antonio Vila
    • Excellent! And thank you for your reply. Cheers

      — commented April 25th 2013 by Casper Blokzijl
    • Would love to see the improvements and the next release. Any plans for the release date?

      — commented July 21st 2013 by Joseandro Luiz
    • Version 4 is published and waiting for approval. It fix some bugs.

      — commented July 22nd 2013 by Antonio Vila
  • Tony did you ever get an answer to this ? I need to do the same

    — answered November 30th 2010 by Michele Hjorleifsson
  • Any luck with X.509 user authentication to SSL?

    — answered February 17th 2011 by Davor Šerfez
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